The Susquehanna Heritage Area is one of 20 New York State Heritage Areas designated to preserve, enhance and depict the natural, cultural, social and historical resources and events that have contributed to the development of New York State and to provide educational, inspirational, economic and recreational benefits for present and future generations.

The Susquehanna Heritage Area encompasses the Counties of Broome and Tioga in south-central New York State, directly north of the Pennsylvania border. The Susquehanna River flows through the Susquehanna Heritage Area and is the defining natural feature of the region. NY 17/Interstate 86 extends east to west through both Counties.

The Susquehanna Heritage Area represents the people, places, and events that celebrate the historical, cultural, and natural diversity of the region. The region is known for its contributions to the industry and the arts and for its ethnic heritage and immigrant stories as well as for its rich Native American and agrarian history. The Susquehanna Heritage Area ranges from a densely populated urban center defined by the converging Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, to rolling hills, meandering valleys, and rural farmlands interspersed with crossroad villages. Within the Susquehanna Heritage Area are 25 towns, 13 villages, and 1 city.

Come visit the Susquehanna Heritage Area and discover our stories, experience our culture and celebrate our heritage!