It is the purpose of the Heritage Area to assist local communities in bolstering local economies and enhancing quality of life through the stewardship of local resources and support for local projects, programs, and economic development initiatives.  Through the Susquehanna Heritage Area program, communities can collaborate with the NYS Heritage Area Program, Broome and Tioga County government, and a range of private and non-profit organizations to plan initiatives, leverage funding, and accomplish goals.  Communities benefit from inclusion in the Susquehanna Heritage Area in four primary ways.

  • Grants. Eligible applicants within the Heritage Area may apply for funding to develop a variety of projects and sponsored initiatives that, for example, could address revitalization of historic villages; creation of public trails; park and streetscape improvements; or the rehabilitation of individual sites, buildings and monuments.
  • Technical Assistance. Support and technical assistance is available for projects that address the goals and objectives of the Heritage Area.
  • Marketing. Community assets can be included in regional marketing and promotional initiatives that support our local businesses, organizations, public facilities and attractions.
  • Project Consistency. Actions undertaken by NYS agencies are reviewed for compatibility with Heritage Area Management Plans.

Since the Susquehanna Heritage Area’s designation, over 55 successful Heritage Area grants totaling nearly $5.7 million have been awarded to projects within the Heritage Area communities of Endicott, Johnson City and City of Binghamton.

In addition to specific project grant awards, the Susquehanna Heritage Area has had other positive impacts on the local economy.  In 2003, the Susquehanna Heritage Area Commission led the effort to host the National Carousel Association Convention in the City of Binghamton.  Each summer the Susquehanna Heritage Area “Ride the Carousel Circuit” program has brought visitors from all over the region and country to our community parks.