The purpose of the Susquehanna Heritage Area is to assist local communities in bolstering local economies and enhancing quality of life through the stewardship of local resources and support for local projects, programs, and economic development initiatives.  Through the Susquehanna Heritage Area program, communities can collaborate on a regional basis with the New York State Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) Heritage Area Program, Broome County and Tioga County governments, and a range of private and non-profit organizations to plan initiatives, leverage funding, and accomplish goals.

Communities benefit from inclusion in the Susquehanna Heritage Area in four primary ways.

1. Grants. Eligible applicants within the Heritage Area may apply for funding to develop a variety of projects and sponsored initiatives that, for example, could address revitalization of historic villages; creation of public trails; park and streetscape improvements; or the rehabilitation of individual sites, buildings and monuments. of individual sites, buildings and monuments.

2. Technical Assistance. Support and technical assistance is available for projects that address the goals and objectives of the Heritage Area.

3. Marketing. Community assets can be included in regional marketing and promotional initiatives that support our local businesses, organizations, public facilities and attractions.

4. Project Consistency. Actions undertaken by NYS agencies are reviewed for compatibility with Heritage Area Management Plans.


Listed below are some recent examples of successful projects located within the Susquehanna Heritage Area of Broome County and Tioga County that received funding through the Heritage Area, Historic Preservation, and Parks grants programs under the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Environmental Protection Fund (EPF).


2017 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Village of Endicott: George W. Johnson Carousel Rehabilitation Project: $129,000
  • Village of Waverly: Waverly Glen Park Master Plan Implementation: $490,000


2016 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Broome West Endicott Fire District: Bay Floor and Basement Improvements: $210,431
  • Broome Goodwill Theatre Inc.: JC iDistrict Performing Arts and Conference Complex & Historic Anchor Building Stabilization: $500,000


2015 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Broome Goodwill Theatre, Inc.: Cultural Anchor of Johnson City Health Cultural Innovation District: $500,000


2015 EPF Historic Preservation Grants

  • City of Binghamton: City of Binghamton Historic Carousel Restoration: $500,000


2015 EPF Parks Grants

  • Kopernik Society of Broome County: Kopernik Science Center: $200,000


2014 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Broome Tri-Cities Opera Company, Inc.: Tri-Cities Opera Roof and Façade Restoration: $90,364


2014 EPF Parks Grants

  • Broome Life is Washable, Inc.: OurSpace at Recreation Park: $500,000


2013 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Village of Endicott: Union District Main Street Program: $20,000


2013 EPF Historic Preservation Grants

  • Village of Newark Valley: Village of Newark Valley Municipal Building Restoration: $195,000


2012 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Roberson Memorial, Inc.: Roberson Museum Restoration Planning: $24,000
  • Broome Goodwill Theatre, Inc.: Adaptive Re-use of Firehouse Planning: $325,000


2011 EPF Heritage Area Grants

  • Broome County Government: Broome County Regional Farmers Market: $400,000


2011 EPF Historic Preservation Grants

  • Young Women's Christian Association of Binghamton and Broome County, Inc.: Exterior Masonry Restoration: $244,946


2010 EPF Awards

  • Goodwill Theatre, Inc.: Stabilization of Former Municipal Building and Fire Station for use as integral part of the Goodwill Theatre Performing Arts Complex and Professional Training Academy: $250,000


2009 EPF Awards

  • Southern Tier Zoological Society: Design and Reconstruction of the Amphitheater at Ross Park Zoo: $300,000
  • Town of Union: Highland Park Carousel Rehabilitation Project: $30,000