Town of Lisle

Winding rural roadways, scenic viewsheds, and farmland are defining features of the landscape in the Town of Lisle.

The Town of Lisle was first settled by Europeans in the 1790’s and officially became incorporated in 1800 at which time it included the land area of the present day towns of Lisle, Triangle, Barker, and Nanticoke. In 1831 each of the Towns were separated forming their current boundaries. The early economy of Lisle relied on logging and timber which was supported by an active saw mill industry within the town. Tanneries were also active in Lisle until the 1920’s. Other small industries included gristmills, creameries, blacksmiths, doctors, lawyers, and grocers. The stories of these early industries and their legacies are significant Susquehanna Heritage Area themes.

The Town of Lisle is home to the historic Village of Lisle, agritourism , and the NYS Route 79 scenic corridor. Lisle is a significant gateway to the Heritage Area situated along NYS Route 11, Interstate 81 and NYS route 79.