Village of Lisle

Colonial Revival Library
The Colonial Revival library is an important historic structure in downtown Lisle.
Businesses Along State Route 79 in Lisle
Revitalization efforts in Lisle should focus on the adaptive reuse of existing commercial buildings on State Route 79.

The Village of Lisle, located within the Town of Lisle northwest of Whitney Point, is situated at the junction of a major road and a railroad line. The area was first settled around 1791 and the town was created in 1803. The area’s economy was initially based on lumbering and the harvesting of hemlock bark for tanneries, but has evolved to be primarily agricultural.

The village downtown along State Route 79 contains a green, several historic wood-frame commercial buildings, a well-preserved brick Colonial Revival library built in 1924, as well as two churches. Within the core and along the outskirts are numerous houses of nineteenth-century vintage, including examples of Queen Anne and Italianate architecture.